Grab the corner and turn the page.

What do you get?

  • Your child gets the entire multiplication table 1-100 in one book!
  • 36 rhymes for all the difficult equations (from 2×2 to 9×9)
  • Your child actively learns through play
  • Beautiful, hand-painted watercolor illustrations for each rhyme


  • Natural rhytmic competency is a natural ability to capture measured rhythms from the
  • It develops in the prenatal period when the baby listens to the heartbeat of their mother.
  • Rhytm gives the child a sense of safety. That’s the reason why babies fall asleep to
  • Based on the natural rhytmic competency the child learns concentration and focus, speech,
    thinking, etc.
  • Older children willingly and effectively learn from short rhymes.

That’s why – it’s TIME TO RHYME!

only £29,99 £14,99!


It is such a wonderful book that children of all ages will enjoy reading it to themselves, learning the rhyming text of times tables and counting the creatures in the beautiful pictures.
The book will quickly become one of their favourites, conjuring up a real magical love of the times tables. It makes it easy and a pleasure to learn something that is needed as one of the important basic tools in life. I very highly recommend this book.

Phil Robinson
BOOK OF THE MONTH – Rhymes to Remember Times Tables
BLOG Friday 28th April 2023

only £29,99 £14,99!